Framework the Synth for [VRchat]

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Synthetic Life form no.1283742 at your service! Would you like to customize me? I can change helmet shape, be male or female, my fins are removable, and you can add whatever else you like on me or just repaint my finish!

At long last, among the sea of protogens, an open source Synth emerges!  With a meme-tastic feature to play Dansen with sweet rave party lights!   For more pre-made synth avatars, check out Synth Central on Vrchat!  And if you want me to feature your Synth character there in the world, let me know and I will gladly do so!


Also if you want me to retexture the model to be your synth character, contact me and I'll do it for as little as $5 depending on how complex your character is!


Synth species by Vader-San, Original model created by SpongePierre, commissioned by Marcus_mccloud, model ported/edited by IronGut. 


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Framework the Synth for [VRchat]

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